Secular Humanist Association HUMANS. Standing up for secular values in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.


Basic info

Majority of Serbian population is Orthodox Christian, precisely members of Serbian Ortodox Church, which is as all orthodox churches autonomous national church. According to 2011 census 84% of population declares as orthodox christians, 4.97% Roman Catholic, 3.1% Muslim, atheist 1.1%, agnostic 0.05%, undeclared 3.07% …



Serbian constitution declares Serbia as secular state. It states that there is division between church and state. And declares that no religion can be established as ‘state religion’. Those three statement are contained in article 11. of Serbian constitution.

In article 43. freedom of thought, conscience, belief and faith is stated as guaranteed, as well as expression of faith and beliefs trough religious ritual, attending religious service, attending religious education, alone or in association with others.

‘Parents have right to provide children with religious and moral education in accordance with their faith.’

In article 44. constitution states that all churches and religious communities are equal. And that church or religious community can be banned if their activities endanger right to live, right to mental and physical health, personal or family integrity, public safety, public order, if it promotes religious, national or racial intolerance.

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Black Monday in Novi Sad

Secular humanists informed public on importance of reproductive rights and dangers that lie in restricting them. We protested in city center in support of Polish women and distributed informative leafletes.

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International Human Rights Day & Our Pride

We are participating in organization of first pride event in Novi Sad- 'Our Pride'. HUMANS are recognized as allies and invited to be among founders of Panonian Human Rights Platform. Joining forces with LGB youth support group "Izađi"(Come out), EDIT center's project Infopolis, HIV support group ''Crvena Linija''(Red Line). Today, 8th of December, as members of Platform we presented our organization at the press conference held at EU Info point. We informed press and public about upcoming pride event and invited them to visit and participate. 

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Secular Meetups

Secular meetups are one of the kind events in Novi Sad, where secularists meet to exchange ideas, brainstorm projects or just come to have fun and stimulating conversations with like- minded people.

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Croatian Humanist Conference

Board and members attended Croatian Humanist Conference. It was great learning and networking opportunity.  We shared our experiences and thoughts with other organizations and activists trough participation in Q&A segments after each panel discussion and informal conversation during coffee breaks. 

Center for Civil Courage did great job on organizing this conference, we do hope it will become tradition.

Secularism and religion based discrimination